Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A whopper of a wish...

Today is Wednesday, time for Wishcasting as suggested by Jamie Ridler Studios- today's topic: completion.

So out comes my laundry list of things I wish to finish... some are recently begun projects- others, not so recently!

There is a school house mural to complete
My autumn altar to assemble and display,
Cleaning out the closets- what a feat,
And to many kids clothes in the way!

I've got toy sorting & storing issues,
and The Road to Gandolfo to read;
I think of college & I need a tissue...
A coat of varnish is dining table's need.

There are plenty more, I could list all day
But my darling little children want to play!

My wishing well is full, and I wish you well!


  1. As you wish for yourself I so lovingly wish for you also! Glad to see you've put your children at the top of your to do won't regret it!

  2. Love your creativity!

    As barefootOCmama wishes for herself, so I wish also.

  3. As BarefootOCMama wishes for herself I so completely wish for her as well...

  4. Play with the children!! It's true, you will never regret it.
    As barefootOCmama wishes for herself, so I lovingly wish also.

  5. As barefootOCmama wishes for herself, so do I wish for her also. Your life sounds full and happy and creative. Play with your children and enjoy all your wonderful pursuits!

  6. As barefootOCmama wishes for herslef, I wish for her as well.
    Play, laugh, giggle and then play even more. Sounds like a great plan.

  7. Great wishing poem! As Barefoot OCMama wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.


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