Friday, July 24, 2009

I wanna be like Susan Sowerby

My dd7 and I just finished reading my all-time favorite childhood book, The Secret Garden, by Frances Burnett Hodges. I had forgotten how much the power of positive affirmation and belief in the "magic" of transformation is explored by Colin's "Scientific Experiment".

When it comes to positive thinking I have been much like Mistress Mary (quite contrary) through many stages in my life. I have believed in positivity and professed that belief (without actions to support it), I have wanted to believe in it- but couldn't seem to figure out exactly how to practice it, and I have sarcastically scorned it, feeling that the I was being blocked by unseen forces out of my control. I have come full circle to a place where I believe in being positive and I know that I must tend to my "secret garden"- a place in my heart where I can weather (and wonder at) the cycles of creation, destruction and rebirth.

Such a timeless novel (it was written nearly a century ago) - it is filled with sage wisdom and simple rituals. The children are left to themselves in the outdoors, they learn and play and grow strong. Their own natural curiousity guides them to marvel at the mysteries that unfold as a wintery, seemingly dead garden blossoms and shows them how to believe in unseen workings of a powerful universe. They sing and meditate, they giggle and conspire, they laugh and love. Dickon, the eldest child in the trio of main characters, is the son of Susan Sowerby and sibling of 11. His connection to all things in nature and his constant big grin are simple and sincere. He is the essence of childhood delight.

We decided to try our own Scientific Experiment, and it couldn't come at a better time. My eyes have been opened to the idea that I have been overcome with doubt, fear, negativity and bitterness. I have faulty relationships because I empower those types of thoughts in others and attract the people who also are also bogged down by these "weeds" in their "secret gardens".

Today in my "secret garden" I am weeding & pruning- and I am planting pumpkins. It seems I have been in the habit of putting off weeding until it is too late, and I have lost plants that could have been saved with just a little pruning. The pumpkins signify my belief in the coming harvest of brightly colored, nourishing and useful growing things! My positive affirmation for the day "I am a child of light, I believe in the power of the planet- the nurturing nature of a wonderful world."

My husband tells me that the highest paid athlete on the planet is Tiger Woods. He made most of his money from endorsing Nike. Nike coined the phrase "just do it". The true power of positivity shines when that idea is applied.

So how do you "just do it"?

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