Monday, July 20, 2009

How do you keep your house clean?

Since I am in the throes of making a human in my womb, constantly chasing an almost terrible two and homeschooling an almost 8 year old I am overwhelmed with the smudges, waterspots, spills, splashes and crumbs that seem to spontaneously appear everywhere. Not to mention the piles of laundry, constant shortage of towels, clothes and flatware, feeding frenzies, chaotic calamaties, disappearing surfaces, towers of tomes toppling off the bookshelves and crayons & markers making their way to places they should never be allowed.

Our house in Temecula at least had a plethora of pets to be blamed for the mess and gave the place a zoo like feel that welcomed the wildness and weathered the war on clutter. Our new little casita is bright and beautiful and busting at the seams!!

Giving myself a break I must admit I did spend most of the weekend finalizing the details of our adventures in 2nd grade! My dd7 is thrilled to be teaching her baby sister shapes, colors and songs as part of her own curriculum, and we have an array of exciting clubs, groups and activities to participate in. The schedule is full, the stage is set and we still have an entire month to enjoy the hazy lazy(?!) days of summer.

What is your secret to a calm, clean and chaos-free cottage?


  1. Hi Tiffany! I'm glad I found your cute blog! I have the same problem trying to have a clean house and do all that I want to! I have not been very consistent. But I can share with you my latest attempt? I make myself do a job a day, like cleaning the showers, cleaning the floor, the bathroom, vacuuming. Then the kids help me straighten the toys and books at night and they get to pick out a little sticker for a chart I made. It is hard when you are out and on the go here in California. Good luck!

  2. Acceptance that it will not always be this way, cleaning a spot or two as I have time for and loving that clean spot for all it is worth, looking the other way i.e. acceptance, again. :)

    I vaccuum when I just can't stand it any more, clean the bathtub when a child wants to take a bath and it is just two awful to let them get in there, clean the rest of the bathroom while said child is bathing, dust the house twice per year weather it needs it or not (lol), etc.

    I have just learned to Accept and Let Go. It is really the own way to save my sanity. Oh, and invite people over periodical so I have an excuse to clean!! ;) more lol

    It basically comes down to YOUR own comfort level and what works for you and your family.


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