Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Being Barefoot

After an emotion filled day with Sylvia practicing Inner Bonding and Connecting Within, I have been able to move through the last few days with a sense of wonder. It has been interesting to me how committed I am to using the process to adapt to my demanding world.

It's a powerful magic. Opening to my inner guidance (a force that I believe has the highest and best interests in mind for my well being) allows me to calmly accept the wisdom that my connection to the divine assures me is solidly aligned with the natural order of things.

Being fully me in every moment I am am able, is the greatest expression of life that I can offer.

Stepping outside to listen to the birds is all it took this morning. Have you noticed your local crew- I love the stories my children and I concoct about the large, vocal bluebird- he is the neighborhood sheriff, who keeps our cat in line, protecting the birds on his beat from the imminent canine threat.

There is so much to learn from just being, here, now in places that vibrate with life and offer mysteries untold. No need for plans, lessons, the builders of the future will map out their own journey, the experiences had will provide the data to learn from...

Everything always comes back to learning for me, "how" the human mind processes it's experiences.

What a lucky mama am I to spend my days pondering such things and loving such beings.

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