Saturday, December 4, 2010

Homeschoolers: you need to send your kids to SCHOOL

Ok now that I have your attention-
SCHOOL: Southern California Homeschoolers Options for Outsourced Learning.

Coming to Mission Viejo, CA in the Spring of 2011

So many of my homeschool friends talk of how much time is spent transporting their children to their various classes and activities. A couple of years ago G-pie attended a program that housed many extra-curricular activities in one location.

Moms need something to do, too. How about Yoga while your child(ren) write(s)? Krav Maga while they learn basic drawing skills. Aikido for the older ones while the younger ones learn Sign Language. Basic PE classes for your little ones while your older kids practice guitar. Study hall for the students, while mom attend a Women's Self Defense Seminar.

And while we are at it, don't you wish there was a place to get rid of (and pick up) used curriculum? Rent a microscope, plan a co-op, host a bunco night, and attend a family dance party. Your wish will soon be granted!

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