Sunday, June 14, 2009

Focus brings clarity

A nice visit with an old homeschool buddy brought to light a new idea-it is called eHow. I love to write, but get weary of my blog being just a summary of what we do each day-those of you who follow my private blog, which I have been publishing for several years now, know that of which I speak!

Suzanne (Housewifeinhollywood) is my friend who has successful focused her writing into a content based website. She told me about eHow and it seems like a fit for my scattered scratchings. A collection of magazine style articles on "How to" do just about anything fill the pages, and the writers of these articles get paid (we'll see how that goes!) for the amount of traffic they drive to their articles. It costs the reader nothing and the writer is given a venue for sharing their wisdom and wit.

After publishing my first article today (How to choose a compost method for YOU) I am excited to get more involved and see where it leads. I have many more ideas in the works- how to... make homemade low sugar soda, ...start a compost pile, ...start a worm bin, ...start signing with your baby, ...control the clutter before it controls you, etc. It is thrilling to have "assignments" to finish.

On another note, Barefeet & Happy Hands, my beginning baby sign language classes are going to start in the fall, although I will be setting up a playgroup and an online group before then- keep your eyes peeled! I'll also be offering Backyard Composting as soon as I get a location sorted out with the Community Recreation department.

One of my greatest enjoyments in life is the growth that occurs as things change and I am happy with my new endeavors!

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